Chimes, a Wintersday-themed Guild Wars 2 fanzine, is a project hosted within the community of Guild Wars 2 by the organizers in POW. It features both illustrations and short stories that circle around the annual holiday, with work from 71 contributors. It is a 100-page, full-color perfect bound book that echoes the sizing of the original GW1 artbook at 7”x10” - if you got the collector’s edition way back when, we hope this will find a home next to it! It is meant for general audiences to spread the cheer globally, so we hope all of you explorers come with us on our adventure.

In the spirit of Wintersday, all of the net proceeds of the zine will be going to MSF/Doctors Without Borders, and we’ll be selling physical copies by themselves and bundled with postcards &prints starting Nov. 1. Digital pre-orders will follow at a price to be set.

We're all incredibly excited to bring this to you, and hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed creating it. If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ or feel free to contact us!

The mods of POW’s Wintersday traditions are reprising their roles as the elves of holiday cheer. This is Zorav’s fifth year and Serea’s fourth year running the events, as organizer/layout artist and art magician, respectively, and Varr will be on board for the second year, working with the writing content in the zine.

In a real world capacity, Mel (Zorav) is an editor by day, freelance writer by night, and has (somewhat masochistically) participated in the magazine and zine world for about 7 years now; Chris (Serea) tries not to rob pet stores to liberate the clutches of bunnies while doing design work (while watching Star Trek and drinking coffee); and Raven (Varr) plots and writes out all of our collective deaths in the nicest way possible as an editor for hire.

We’re always happy to take questions and comments via email, ask, DMs or wayward owls.

Powertrip [POW] is a gaming community that was founded in January 2013, originally started (somewhat oddly) by a group of avid WvWers. After some ups and downs that mostly involved liquor and forgetting how to use commander tags, Zorav was told to “do whatever she wanted” and thus remade it into a community oriented event guild, focusing on creating a group that could call each member a friend.

Since then, we were well known for our daily “World Boss Train” in the days before megaservers, our Wintersday Secret Santa events and New Year’s raffles, jackalope and ghost wolf parades, and drunken trivia nights. Currently, we still have our physical send out events - cards, postcards, stickers - that happen a few times a year that are internally funded, and we organize things like this zine!

At nearly five years of debatably healthy shenanigans, we’re proud to still be around both in the gaming sphere and in the general community. We’re very excited to meet & work with all of you. <3

Again, for an expansive detail on anything you may want to know, check out our general and contributor FAQ for specifics.